Kid Toys Gift Guide from our Followers

We asked our instagram followers what their favorite toys are. What toys their kids love playing with or what they are getting their kids for Christmas. So starting with the 5 most popular responses. Here is what they said:

1. Magnetic Tiles!

Number one most mentioned toy by far was Magnetic Tiles! Almost everyone suggested this toy and said their kids play with it all the time. I can attest to this. My mom bought magnet tiles for my kids to play with at her house and they get played with almost every time we go over there. There are obviously several different versions out there. Picasso Tiles were mentioned the most as an affordable option.

2. Legos!

Obviously there are so many different lego options. Duplo legos was the most suggested for little kids. We have lots of different duplo lego sets and my kids love them. My kids are still a little young for normal legos.

3. Train Set

There are lots of train sets out there. Here is a link to the one I am thinking about getting for my kids. It has over 2,000 five star reviews. Obrium Toys Wooden Train Set

4. Toy Kitchen

My kids could play with a toy kitchen all day long. A lot of people said they like the IKEA toy kitchen. IKEA has been out of stock of everything so here are two other ones that I found on amazon with great reviews. KidKraft Wooden Farm to Table Play Kitchen. And here is another one that is a little cheaper Step2 Timeless Trends Kitchen.

5. Balance Bike

We have the strider balance bike which I feel like is the best one out there. It makes it really easy to transition your kids to a 2 wheeler with pedals and no training wheels.

Other popular toys were: A Cozy Coupe Car, Little Tikes Basketball Hoop, Puzzles, a Doctor Set, Dinosaurs, and a Little Tikes Slide.

There were so many cool toy suggestions. I made a TOYS LIST on amazon of all of the toys that were suggested that I thought were worth being on the list. Here are a few of my favorites or you can view the whole list here

Hape - Pound and Tap Bench I feel like this is a great toy for my 6 month old to grow into, but my older girls would love to play with it as well.

Fat Brain Toys Mini Squigz Fat Brain has a lot of really cool toys so you should check out their brand.

Green Toys Car Carrier Green Toys is another awesome brand that has thousands of 5 star reviews on all of their toys. We have their tea set and my girls love it.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream My girls would love this. Melissa and Doug make great toys.

Plus Plus Blocks. There are lots of different versions of these and they are all the rage right now. I like playing with them, my kids are a little young for them.

Fisher Price Big Little People Yellow Bus Little People has a lot of really cute toys and they are great quality. 

Hot Wheels Track My sister has this toy for her 3 year old boy and he LOVES it. He plays with it every day.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas of what to get your kids for Christmas. There were so many awesome suggestions and I compiled as many as I could on this Amazon TOY List so be sure to check it out.