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Edited** As promised we added more pages to our busy binder printable! We made 4 more activity pages, a tree with fruit, animals, a building with shaped windows, and flowers with emotions.

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This busy binder was so much fun to put together. There are several different ways to do it but I will just share how we put this one together.

Here are a couple of the pages.

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2. Print it out in color on cardstock paper.

3. Laminate each page and then cut out the pages that are labeled to cut. I just used an at home laminator. Here is a link to the one I have. It's $30 but I love is and use it way more than I thought I would. You can also just laminate and print everything at a print shop like Staples or Kinkos.

4. Put velcro on the back of the cut pieces and then match up the other velcro piece to where it should be placed on the full page. Be careful not to use strong/loud velcro. I had to buy a couple different kinds to find the right velcro that would work. Here is the link to the velcro we used.

5. Then 3 whole the sides and place them in a binder!

Here are some pictures of what it looks like. 

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