5 Printables for a More Christ-centered Easter

We are doing our best to focus on Christ each Easter season and teach our children what Easter is all about. Here are five different printables and ways you can have a more Christ-centered Easter. You can download them individually by clicking on the links or you can put your email in at the bottom of this post to have them all sent to your email in a bundle.

1. Holy Week Poster. This poster guides you through all 8 days of Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday, the week before Easter. There are scriptures assigned to each day that you can sit down and read as a family.

2. Hosanna and Tomb Wall Art. These printables can be hung on your wall as a reminder of Christ's Atonement and Resurrection. Hang them up for spring time decor or leave them up all yea round.

3. Easter Egg Fillers. Print and cut out these scriptures on Christ's atonement and resurrection and put them in your Easter eggs. Perfect to make Easter egg hunts a little more Christ- centered.

4. J is for Jesus Book. Our J is for Jesus book was written for the Easter season! It is perfect to put in your child's Easter baskets!

5. Easter Countdown cards. You can print these and hang them on your wall and countdown the holy week from Palm Sunday all the way up to Easter Sunday.

You can click on the link for each item or to make it easier we put them all together in a bundle that you can have sent to your email below!


Christ-Centered Easter Activities
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