5 Free General Conference Printables

General Conference is coming up soon! Our family loves having fun activities to do while listening. Here are 5 different free printables that are great for both kids and adults. There is something for every age. The three four items can be printed in a "blueprint" size (18x24"). We have a blog post on how to print a blueprint at Staples. We recommend choosing "blueprint" because it comes out to only a couple dollars per print. 

You can print these for you, your family, your young men or young women, your ministering families, friends, neighbors, cousins, nieces, nephews... the list goes on.

1. General Conference Board Game. This game comes in both a large size and normal paper size. Attached is also some player cards and instructions. It is super simple and great for ages probably 6+. It is played while listening to conference.  


2. General Conference Coloring Page. This coloring page comes in both large poster size and normal paper size. Print it at Staples or just with your home printer. As you listen to conference, color in the different objects that are talked about. Great for any age!


3. General Conference Poster. A couple days before conference we print out this poster and fill out some of it before conference and then the rest during and after conference. It has a few different questions like, "What questions do you want answered?" "What were the themes of each session?" "What did the prophet say?" "What are some family goals?" There is also a page where you can fill out a little summary of each talk. This one can only really be printed 18x24 blueprint size. This poster is great to fill out together as a family or just by yourself!

4. Worksheets. These worksheets are similar to the posters but are normal letter paper size. They are for printing with your home printer. The download comes with 3 pages. One page has a spot for taking notes on each speaker, this page can be printed several times depending on how many speakers there are. You will probably need two pages for each session. These worksheets are great for teens and up!

5. Conference Bingo. I have sat down to make my own conference bingo pages but did a little research and found out that the church has some great Conference Bingo sheets already made! You can click here to download and print theirs. They have seven different sheets so you can play with up to seven people. Great for almost any age! The church has a lot of great resources for listening to conference with kids. Here is a link to their activities and printables.

We hope these options make listening to conference a little more fun! Enjoy!