2022 Calendar

We have released these calendars every year for the past 3 years and they are a huge hit! You can print them in a large blueprint size of 18x24 to hang on the wall and keep track of family events. Or you can print them out regular paper size (8.5x11) and tape it to your fridge or set it on your desk. 

If you are looking to print them big we have a tutorial on how to do it in a past blog post. It is called "Step-by-step Inexpensive Large Prints at Staples". It is super easy to print large at Staples. All you have to do is select that you want a BLUEPRINT, pick the size 18x24, upload your files, then either have them delivered or pick them up at the store. They come out to only about $2 each! The finished product is on normal size weight paper, perfect for using for one month and then throwing it away.

If you don't want to print out each month and you just want a poster with the entire year on it we've got that too! It comes in the download in size 18x24 and looks like this:

I usually print out all 12 months and then hang each month up on my wall. Here are a few ways to hang them on your wall that I found on Amazon.

This cork board bulletin is only $22.19 on amazon and is 2'x3'. Perfect size for the large 18x24" calendars. 

Here is another option of a simple Light Wood Frame Hanger for only $13!

However you decide to hang them, you can download them for FREE by putting in your email below! Happy New Year!


2022 Calendar Print
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